Chapter I: Unexpected Bliss

“My recurring story has always been about discovering new things. My challenge: finding myself amongst unknown lands. Not by mistake I laid my eyes and feet on Thailand, one day and almost by chance. Thai means freedom and it is sensed upon arrival. Mighty golden temples, buddhas, and pagodas cover everything with a warm glowing halo. Reflections of light created by handmade mosaics, pave the hallways towards spirituality. Supernatural powers seem to inexplicably protect this land.

This magical place is not only built up by man made wonders; like small bites, urban presence is devoured by green coasts, turquoise seashores and deep blue waters. Cities merge with deep jungles and sunny beaches. As my feet sunk in the sand, a magical invisible bond was born with this unknown realm. Its immense hue of blues dyed the atmosphere. Vibrant exotic colors surprised my eyes; macaws, parakeets and peacocks bathed by sunlight add to the picture. Among orchids, mangoes, hibiscus and palm trees, my eyes got lost into an inexplicable contentment.

And by the wide blue skies above us, and the ground beneath my feet, everything is naturally and effortlessly part of me. These memories are not only embroidering my life’s costumes, but fueling my inspiration with an unexpected bliss.”

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