Between the magical and the mysterious, BEC is born with a tropical, exotic essence and an urban mentality. A celebration of life, realizing that we are sons of this world, that we are from everywhere and yet from nowhere, that the eternal summer shines from within. It’s discovering a different way of being alive.

Enigmatic and sophisticated, BEC Swimwear is the unfolded connection between two sisters. Adriana, the logical input, delivers linearity, structure and symmetry to the brand. Her concerns towards the continuous study of body proportions and the importance of detailed pattern making come from her architectural roots.  Andreína is the pure expression of creativity. As an interior designer and fashionista, she endows each of their creations with beauty and aesthetics. Her exquisite taste and trendy know-how lets her know exactly what women need to be stylish.

Fed from their most primitive passions, together they’ve developed a universe that’s poured over each of their collections, bringing to life an almost surreal imaginary of places and sensations. Vibrant colors that endure the test of time. Flattering pattern cuts that seek perfection through a cared confection and seamless stitches that enhance the body figure.

Created for rebellious, free spirited women with an experimental nature. Ambitious about discovering the unexplored. Thirsty globetrotters from unknown lands. Bold, confident souls in search of the mysteriously unusual wonders of the world and a passion for the exotic.